Outdoor Muscle Posing


Bulking up fast after diet I felt like I want to show off. In a sunny Easter day, wearing sexy posing trunks I simply go out in nature and pose in the bright sunlight. Feeling pumped up from the sun heat making my forearms veins and biceps peak to pop out. At 110 kg with […]

Sexy Muscle Posing


Watch Mark Kent posing and being sexy for your pleasure and entertainment. A muscle man with a beautiful smile and a rock hard body. He loves posing and showing off to his muscle fans. Great biceps and thick pecs. Buy now your Sexy Muscle Posing copy exclusively at MyMuscleShow.com

Bearded Muscle Hunk


After 3 months of hard workout and diet, it is the time to check me out. Cutting down from 115 kg to 103 kg toned and hard muscles. Watch me flexing hard and showing all from head to toe. Fully nude and turned on! Buy now your Bearded Muscle Hunk copy exclusively at MyMuscleShow.com

Jockstrap Muscle Hulk


Once again Mike Bull makes us want more and more muscles. Wearing a sexy pair of tight jeans and a tight white tank top, Mike Bull strip while he flex ending up wearing only a hot Bike Jockstrap which fits his look and body. Buy now your Jockstrap Muscle Hulk copy exclusively at MyMuscleShow.com

Muscle Hulk Rip T-Shirt


Hell yeah, this guy is a monster. Huge muscle hulk rip his t-shirt and pose untill he turns “green”. The ultimate muscle god show off on an outdoor scene. If you love huge muscle hulk’s, Mike Bull is your man. Buy now your Muscle Hulk Rip T-Shirt copy exclusively at MyMuscleShow.com

Muscle Domination


Coming from a hard workout Evander fall asleep on his living room sofa when a skinny thief broke in his house and touch Evander’s muscles. Even he is sleeping, does not get afraid or surprised and catch the thief and give him the ride of his life, dominating and punish him properly. Buy now your Muscle […]

Iron Bender


Starting to warming up by ripping my t-shirt followed by showing off my power and size bending a thick iron bar which did not bend easy at all, the iron was so dense and thick that I had to use my full power to bend it. See a real man bending a real iron bar, […]

Rip T-Shirt


Are you a fan of muscle men ripping their clothes off them. This is my first rip t-shirt video and I must say that I had a really nice feeling of power and domination which turned me on. See me showing off my big and hard biceps peak before ripping off my t-shirt and show […]

Biceps Worship


MMS is back. A place where you can show your love for muscles! Here, you can buy and sell Muscle Worship videos and interact with other Muscle Fans and Muscle Men on our Online Community. Biceps Worship is one of my old favorite biceps videos. Many other old videos will be posted soon and new releases. […]